Thursday, May 13, 2010


One of my favorite rooms of my "old" house was the pantry....I loved that place. I thought it would be funny to compare then and now. So this was then....

This is now......You gotta love the wood siding. I'm thinking it's 1912 original.

This is two leftover bookshelves from the preschool stacked on top of each other. Who needs a perfectly designed pantry when you can have this? Hee Hee. Lopsided and all!

Just give me time......


  1. You'll do something wonderful with this, I know. You have that magic touch. Love, Aunt Sue

  2. thanks Dustin. i did it. You guys are amazing. i am there with you every minute.
    and i don't even need to breathe in the dust
    love, Mimi