Monday, May 31, 2010

Old-Fashioned Intercom System

In every old house or building there are always little peculiarities and quirks that add charm and character. Some things here in this old church have left us scratching our heads wondering why....or what the heck? One such thing is this hole in the ceiling above the kitchen. Do you notice the square in the picture?

Right above the kitchen is Ellie's room and you can hear everything that is going on when she is up there and she can hear everything that is going on in the kitchen.....all through this little hole. When we first moved in I thought, "Oh, that's gotta go.....we gotta fix that as soon as we get a chance". But the more we live with it the more I like it. When we want to ask the kids if they've brushed their teeth yet, or it's time to get dressed for school....viola!....a home intercom system.....
This is what it looks like from Ellie's room.....(you don't even need to be this close to hear clearly)...


  1. What a great way to "send" compliments up to Ellie. Conversation in kitchen could be, "That Ellie is just so thoughtful. She really is a kind person at heart." Wouldn't anyone love to overhear nice things said about themselves? I would. I'm putting a hole in my ceiling. But who would stand up there and call nice things down to me? Oh, never mind. Love, Aunt Sue

  2. How fun is that! Ellie is just adorable, I want something like that in my house :) also I I love the beams! They would look great either way, I am a sucker for the lattice work, but three staight beams gives the same effect with much less work! I want to stop by and see it all in looks amazing

  3. What a cute quirk! Love it!

    On another subject...How do you have the exact same, one-of-a-kind Sicilian rooster pitcher that I have? I'm calling Italy. I want my money back.

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