Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And The Wall Came Tumbling Down!

I'm still not exactly sure why this wall had to come tumbling down....something about falling, crumbling plaster, we're going to cut a bigger doorway anyway and it's easier to hang new drywall.....or something like that. I just know there was a whole lot of banging and dust flying everywhere (note the open door to the kitchen thank you very much). I quickly took a picture and was able to cover the door with plastic before too much damage was done. :-)

This was really cool to see where the three big windows used to be. They are exactly like the other three (actual) windows directly across the room. So this was obviously the outside wall and then they added on the kitchen some time in the 30's I think? I need to go down to the Eagle Historical Museum and get all the history sometime. Anyway, we're going to open up the doorway to that orange line.

So, I just have to add here that even though, in all these pictures, it looks like Dustin is doing all the work, I'm punchin' my time card too. Last night, Dustin and I shuffled that big ladder around and got down every last one of those acoustic tile hanger nails. There had to have been a 1000 of them. We were sweaty from going up and down the ladder and dirty from sweeping up all the nails and plaster dust.......but Dustin still managed to give me a big wet one. It was a good night.


  1. I am so inspired by you two!!! What you are doing is fabulous and crazy! Looks like an adventure, I want tp stop by and take a tour, good job!!

  2. Hey come on by anytime! We average about a visitor a day. Our 1 neighbor probably hates us because of all the honks we get as people drive by...makes us feel loved. :-) Seriously stop by and see our chaos!