Monday, May 10, 2010

Ethan's Room

So, evidently the room that we're using now for Ethan's bedroom was the little kitchenette for the pastor?....minister?...(I need to find out the right term for the Seventh Day Adventist leader, anyone know?) of the church. It was also used by the previous owners when they lived here while they were getting the day care up and running. Under Ethan's bed (but covered up with floor boards now) is the drainage for the old kitchen sink. The kids bathroom that WE ALL share is just on the other side of this room. So, we thought this would eventually be a great place to put a nice sized jack & jill bathroom.....a whole other project that Dustin would love to start sooner than later.

Here's Ethan's room.....

Just finished sewing some curtains for him from some extra fabric I had. I didn't know he'd be so excited over curtains, but he was very grateful. I guess the headlights of cars were bothering him.......


  1. From your other posts and pictures, I thought you were all in sleeping bags in some huge old wherehouse type space. Glad it's so much more normal than I thought!

  2. Who's the babe in the window?

    We need to paint this room lighter.