Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ellie's Room

Ellie has done a great job helping to get her room ready. Here she is painting a bookcase that was left over from the can't really see in the picture but it's kind of a light green. It was all I could do not to just grab the roller brush out of her hand to smooth out the puddles and streaks of paint. She really wanted to do this, so after teaching her some techniques, she ended up doing a great job...the whole first coat! I was proud of her (and myself for practicing constraint, letting her learn the skill of painting).

Okay, so this doesn't have anything to do with her room, but since we're writing about Ellie I couldn't resist sharing her tender heart. Evidently the neighbor cat had a baby bird in it's mouth and it was still alive. Somehow she got it out of it's mouth and brought it home to nurse it back to health. Of course my first thought is, "Oh, great." It died very shortly after I saw it.....

But Ellie refused to give up. She's trying to feed it just like she learned from her second grade teacher Mrs. Kwid....

The finished bookcase.....

Ellie helped in the decorations....

Back a few months ago....back when I had time...I painted these for the fun of it. I think I found a new hobby....when I get some more time.

Maybe I shouldn't have gotten such a close up picture....shows the goofy flaws...but I still want to show them off. hee hee.....


  1. Hey Steph--who knew you could paint pictures?! They're darling! A+ on everything you've done so far. The house has "good bones." The floors, the baseboards, the doors, the light coming through the windows--you've got a great deal to work with. It's so exciting to see your progress. I'm loving it. Aunt Sue

  2. Cameron Sellers LaughlinMay 13, 2010 at 8:22 AM

    I love these paintings!! They are so sweet.

  3. At first i gasped when i couldn't see a drop cloth down while Ellie was painting the shelf. Typical of me, Mimi. I love the end result, esp Ellie the way you loaded it up with "your favorite things"

    Stef, the paintings look great. Maybe Papa can build some frames for each ? I am tickled that you attempted these.

    I love the way this darling room is so 'girlie'

  4. Holy Toledo!!!! You are an artist! I LOVE the paintings. Who knew?!?!?! What a fun room.

  5. Ellie looks like a teenager in this picts...where has the time gone? And your paintings are adorable...possible side business?

  6. You are SO talented! I love the paintings

  7. Stef, I love the paintings. Time to start selling! Cheryl

  8. WOW Steph - great work and especially the paintings! Let's take a class sometime...