Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hardwood Floors

A couple of weeks ago, Dustin decided to conquer the floors in the main room (living room? great room? chapel?....still not sure what to call it.) He rented a sander at Home Depot and it took ALL stinkin' day! It was hard work but worth the savings....
Here's some of the issues we had to deal with.....
Remember the castle fort with carpet underneath? Layers of paint, glue, staples, and pieces of old industrial carpet remnants. The sandpaper kept gumming up and we realized it would be better to strip off as much as we could before we finished sanding it. Here's what it looked like....

We used paint stripper to take off most of the junk. It would bubble up nicely and scrape off pretty well. A dirty job and guess who ended up doing most of it? Yep, I've become quite the pro stripper.....

We were then going to have a professional guy stain and finish the floors while we spent last week in California (by the way, it was a great vacation celebrating Dustin's 40th birthday!!). We were excited to come home and see the finished product but this is the first thing I saw when we walked into the entryway.....different glosses between the entryway and main room!!!.....What the heck?

Anyway, the guy apologized profusely and came back this week to correct his mistake (all supposed to be satin, not glossy). It was a bummer we had to be out of the house for the day but we ended up with great looking floors!
Here's the "after" shot of where the castle fort was....

Still old and rustic looking with lots of "character"....but they're pretty, huh?


  1. They are stunning. I'm so glad the guy came back and did it over. They really look nice. I can't wait to see you move stuff in now and start the really fun stuff, the decorating. We, Betty and I had some more ideas on the drapes for the windows on the stage. Let's talk.

  2. Are the doors into the front room pocket doors? I magnified the second picture in this series and saw two doors. Also, what are those boards going straight up in the second picture?

  3. Those boards are part of Dustin's workbench that we used for cutting molding, bead board, beams, etc. I'm sure glad to finally get that outta here! :o)