Thursday, August 19, 2010

Old Church Pew

We've always talked about how cool it would be to get a church pew for our home. Well, how appropriate to finally get one and use it in this old church house!!

Dustin bought this pew awhile back from the same place we bought the crown molding. The guy he bought it from (we found on Craigslist) lived behind an old Catholic church and had a bunch of them he was selling for cheap so Dustin couldn't resist. It came painted brown, peeling, and quite ugly, but Dustin spent a couple of hours getting all the old paint off and sanding it down to the natural oak. I stained it and applied a couple of coats of polyurethane, and it turned out beautiful.....

I think I'll add some more comfy pillows and I just bet we'll get a lot of use out this pew.....

Of course, what would an authentic old church pew be if we didn't leave all the pieces of gum stuck to the underside?......


  1. How beautiful if turned out. I also left the gum on my theater seats in the livingroom. Where are you putting the pew? Is it right outside the kitchen and is directly across from the entryway door? Love it.

  2. You and Dustin did an absolutely awesome job of restoring this little pew’s beauty! It looks brand new to me! We also repurposed a church pew last year. We sanded it as well, and coated it with white paint. I added some pillows to achieve a balance between hard and soft. There are four pillows, two in the color of pale yellow and the other two in lavender. It’s become the highlight of our porch!

  3. Hi Stephanie and Dustin,

    My name is Petra and I would like to request permission to use the picture of your pew in my phonics dvd. Its an education dvd called the Bible Phonics program. My email address is

    Tks, Petra