Monday, August 16, 2010

The Secret Compartment

Fairly soon after moving in, we discovered a little square in Ethan's room where the floor boards lift out to reveal a secret compartment. We didn't think much of it until recently meeting the previous occupant of the property. I had such a great talk with her as she told me all kinds of tidbits about the house that we didn't know. Evidently this little compartment was used to hide the church offerings way back when.

Today, is it also being used for a very important purpose. Ethan is so clever hiding all of his various packs of sugarfree gum . He thinks he's even being trickier by putting all the packs of gum in a Bionicle box. He says, "Then, if someone finds the secret compartment, they'll just think it's Bionicles.....they won't guess there's all kinds of gum in there!"


  1. That Ethan is a very clever fellow! Who would be interested in Bionicals (what the heck are they anyway?)

    Love keeping up on what progress you're making. On your last post are you painting little pegs on the gorgeous floor without a newspaper or drop cloth under the paint can? I know you're neat, but THAT NEAT?

    Keep up the posting Stephanie. I'm loving your creativity and Dustin's ingenuity. You're a good pair.

    Love, Aunt Sue

  2. I always knew Ethan was smart! How fun to have a secret stash. Isn't it funny how both Sue and I thought the same thing about no newpaper under the can of paint? Can you tell we're sisters? What else did the former owner tell you about the house? Did she get to see everything you've done? I'll bet they'll be impressed.