Monday, July 19, 2010

Drapery Dilema

So this is a big, fun decision.......the drapes! We've got a clean slate now with neutral walls, wood beams on ceiling and wood floors. We're feeling kinda bold and thought it might be nice to add some drama with rich drapery panels in red! So, here's our clean slate......

One of the big questions is how to hang them. The problem is how the left window butts up to the wall. I also want as much of the windows showing as possible as not much light comes in during the day. Here is one of my thoughts.....maybe put up one long iron rod with three drapery panels hanging to the right of each window...?

Here's some samples we like so please help us decide! (which one....or neither one!) They all come in the big 54" wide upholstery fabric that I would be able to sew drapery panels with. I'm hoping this will help set the feel of what look I want in this room.

Velvety, rich, red/goldish floral......

A simple gingham......

that could be hung with a cute gathered look on top like this......
(Or maybe even larger gathered heading so it would cover the rod)

Or maybe a red, old world toile...? This sample isn't very good. I'd probably use one that has more red, less cream background....but you get the idea.

Any comments? Suggestions? Please respond!


  1. I prefer toile myself. It is such a classic, yet not too formal, a good balance between the gingham and the floral. I like the idea of one long rod across the top. That leaves you with the most options of where you have the drapes hang when open, and also when closed. (i.e.: when they are closed do they cover only the windows, or the whole wall? With one long rod, it could be either. Nice thing about that is, when the drapes are closed, like at night, it appears that the whole wall is a window, which might be a nice look for evenings when the drapes are closed. Hope that made sense!) Have fun with it!

  2. I'm with your friend, Ingrid. We have one long rod across our windows downstairs and I think it looks cool. I also like your idea of hanging the curtains to the right. I don't like the gingham. Too country for the church house. I love the first fabric-- but it may be too fancy smansy. So if you can find a better toile-- one without so much cream. I assume you looked at Home Fabrics? L

  3. The first fabric FOR SURE!! It's bold, it's pretty and it's versatile all at once. I love toile too, but I believe using it in that big bold way would be more limiting for the rest of your decor. I have a touch of red toile (red background, white print) over one window in my family room but it's more the accent than the statement. Can't wait to see your results! Have you seen my after photos yet? Come see!

  4. Hi Stephanie! Dustin told my husband, Chip, about this blog and I am totally fascinated!! I think you two are amazing... I love the sense of adventure! Everything is looking fantastic! I am excited to follow along! (LOVE a home with red drapes by the way... I love the old world toile...they are all fantastic!) What did you decide?

  5. Stephanie and Dustin, I think you both are the cat's meow. Keep up the good work.

  6. What did you think of Betty's and my ideas?