Monday, April 9, 2012

Kitchen Update And This Old Church House Does A Wedding Reception!!

The reason this blog entry is only a "kitchen update" is because we had some issues with getting an island counter top. The following pictures do not include our island or the backsplash behind the stove. But here it is anyway.....

(And feel free to click on pictures in order to enlarge them)

The floors!

Remember the old, ugly vinyl tiles I took up one by one?

We replaced them with old 2" oak flooring reclaimed from a 1940's home in downtown Boise. Where did we find? Craigslist of course.

After laying the floor (I laid about half of it all by myself as Dustin was out of town) we stained the whole floor the lighter color. Then, one evening Dustin and I taped and stained the darker diamond shapes on the kitchen part of floor only. Wow, what a fun 6 hour grueling job that was!

To get Dustin's cooperation, I simply asked him if he wanted to "spend an evening" on the kitchen floor with me...not really what he had in mind, but he contributed nonetheless. :-)

Here's the kitchen without the island or backsplash behind the stove.........

Next up, pictures of our niece's wedding reception! We were so honored when we were asked if we would consider having it our place. This was the fire under our tushes to finish what we started!!

Here are some pictures of the beautiful event. Like I've said before, and maybe it's the ignorance with my camera, but these pictures just don't do it justice.

Here is the sign they put on the front porch......

Getting the food ready on our island (with a temporary countertop). Notice the punched tin backsplash now. We might end up painting that too....

Cute doilies hung from the ceiling.....(Pay no attention to the tired, glazed over man who couldn't move for the picture. ha ha)

People start to arrive.....

Pictures hung in our entrance.....

The darling bride and groom......

Setting up the reception line on the stage.....

Lots of people coming and going but never felt too crowded.....

A table close-up. Burlap, lace, and Baby's favorites too......

Yep, Happily Ever After.....


  1. We have GOT to come see this miracle in person! What gorgeous work you've done! I might pin some of those awesome kitchen pix on Pinterest--THAT'S how beautiful it is! You guys should be a magazine article!!!! Love you!

  2. Very cool Stephanie & Dustin. The house looks great and the spread looked fantastic. Thanks for saving me 10 hours in the car. Sorry you got snowed in and couldn't make the temple trip.

  3. Stephanie, What a treat to see the results of your labors. I'm so glad you have kept a picture journal of this journey because I think it's HGTV worthy! Love your choices. You are amazingly creative. And Dustin rocks on how much he can do. Very impressive. Love, Aunt Sue

  4. So Amazing Simpsons! Can't wait to stop by soon. Love and miss you guys!

  5. This is incredible. I recently had to pull up my carpet due to a kitty who didn't learn to use a litter box. Now I know what I want to do with my floors. The white kitchen is just beautiful. I've always wanted an all white room. Just hadn't thought of doing it in the kitchen. Beautiful. Thankful for "Beneath My Heart" for the spotlight on your blog. I have spent my entire afternoon reading all of your posts and now I'm a follower.

  6. Sara from CanadaMay 27, 2012 at 8:20 PM

    I too came over from Beneath My Heart. Absolutely loved every photo...beautiful home....and beautiful couple!! How lucky they are to have had this opportunity :) That's my kind of wedding...would have loved to be there!!

  7. wow wow wow. GORGEOUS! I mean really. WOW.

  8. Just beautiful!!! New follower here!!! Blessings ~ Judy