Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Old Church House Gets a Modern Upgrade

The timing was just right to add a touch of modern convenience to an old, not so convenient home....a central vacuum system!

For a quick recap of the last couple of weeks; We added this laundry chute in the kitchen area (from Ethan's room all the way down to the basement). As a result, we were left with some bare walls which will be good for future bathroom plumbing and new electric wiring. As luck would have it, my dreams also came true for central vacuum pipes as well.

We got a good deal on the vacuum since Dustin's brother Allen still has a contractor account at a wholesale place here. He had helped us install the system at our old house so this helped Dustin know how to do it by himself this time around.

Here was the picture of the new laundry chute from the last blog post.....

And here Dustin is installing the vacuum pipe....

We just followed the same route as the chute....from Ethan's room all the way down to the most perfect spot (right by the water heater) down in the basement where we'll put the actual vacuum unit. So, we'll be able to vacuum all three levels with unbeatable ease! No more lugging a junky vacuum up and down the stairs!

Here's Ellie up in Ethan's room helping her dad with the electrical wire for the vacuum.....

We're getting the drywall up and things are really moving along! Our next post will be beginning our bathroom and pantry additions. This area (below) will be the future pantry. The little door under the stairs is the tiny existing pantry but this whole area will become the new bigger and "better than ever" pantry..........

You can see in the picture above an electrical outlet and a water supply line for our spare refrigerator that will be part of our new pantry. The waterline was already there from the preschool.....they used to have a small sink there for little people. We thought, "What the heck, let's use it for the ice maker!"

Then, you can see alongside the fridge (and cutting it really close) will be the central vacuum hookup. I think the little room behind it will be a great place to store the hose for the vacuum, huh?

More good things to come.....


  1. Stephanie! So great to see the progress you're making! I remember in your other home you had that "vacuum" under the toe-kick below the kitchen sink. It was the most awesome time saver I'd ever seen. With your wonderful central vacuum system will you be able to install one of those when you get to the kitchen? Hope so--it blew me away. Well, really it sucked me in. Love the updates. Love, Aunt Sue

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