Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Final Ceiling Reveal


Well, I'm sorry, but these pictures really don't do the ceiling justice. Not only was it hard to get the whole ceiling in the picture, the angle kind of distorts the pictures and makes them look funky. Hopefully you get the gist of it.

The wires hanging down are where we'll put two ceiling fans and a chandelier in the middle....

Dustin and I joked after we finished.....

Wood beams...$100
Used Crown molding...$200
Advice from an interior designer to do this ceiling...$50
Value added to the home?..........


Ha ha, okay, no, it better be WAAAAAAY more than that!!! :-)


  1. Looks pretty impressive! You guys rock! as I think I've said before. I eagerly await each new update via blogs. Love, Aunt Sue

  2. Looks great! You guys are amazing!!

  3. LOVE IT!!!! Looks awesome!!!

  4. Are you kidding. think about the labor?! I'd like a dollar for those hours spent on that ceiling. Dustin, you are awsome, talented, skillful, smart, fun, clever, nice, generous, and handsome too. Wanna come to my house?

  5. Loved your mastercard joke. Ceilings look fabulous. Indeed, you do rock.